What format is the flash drive in? FAT32, NTFS or exFAT

Flash drive is our most commonly used storage device, compact, portable, plug and play, today we will talk about the Flash drive format of the small knowledge. Both the hard disk and the Flash drive need to be formatted before they can be used properly (now the Flash drive is formatted by default when it is out of the factory). The format of Flash drive can be roughly divided into three types: FAT32, NTFS and exFAT. What format is the Flash drive in?
Flash drive format 

1: FAT32 format:

The traditional file format of Windows platform, the second edition of Windows 95, was introduced for the first time, replacing FAT16 (supporting maximum file capacity of 2GB). It has good compatibility, but the disadvantage is that the file size is limited and does not support files over 4GB.
So, for many big games, mirror files, compressed packages, videos, it is impossible.
In addition, the maximum capacity of FAT32 format hard disk partition is 2TB, although Flash drive can not do it, but now 1xTB hard disk is available, FAT32 has lagged behind the times, can not use it.
Now when formatting U disk, FAT32 is still the default operation, as is Windows 10, more for compatibility conservative considerations.
Flash drive format. 

2: NTFS format:

At present, Windows platform is the most widely used format and the best one. It supports large-capacity files and super-large partitions. There are many advanced technologies, including long file names, compressed partitions, event tracking, file index, high fault-tolerance, data protection and recovery, encrypted access and so on.
However, NTFS is still designed for mechanical hard disks, which records detailed read and write operations of hard disks. Therefore, it will have a great burden and damage to flash memory, and easily affect its life.
Flash memory chips have a limited number of reads and writes. The use of a log file system means that all operations on disk must be logged. A large number of small files read and write for the Flash drive is extremely harmful, will shorten the life of the U disk. if you want to know usb flash drive data recovery, you shold use this one,
Flash drive format 

3. ExFAT format:

Although the theme did not mention, this is the most suitable file format for U disk. It is customized by Microsoft for flash memory U disk. Its performance and technical support are very advanced. At the same time, it optimizes protection for flash memory, and will not cause redundant damage.
It's simpler than NTFS and larger than a single file supported by FAT32. Vista Start System supports it.
The main benefits include: enhanced desktop/notebook, interoperability between mobile devices, maximum 16EB of single file, improved space allocation rows with the remaining space allocation table, up to 65536 files in the same directory, and support for access control.
Of course, exFAT is specially designed for U disk. SSD is also flash memory, but do not use this format, or NTFS.
Summary: What format is the Flash drive in? FAT32, NTFS or exFAT
If you want to make a Flash drive as a computer boot disk, then it is recommended to choose FAT32 format, which is more compatible for boot system boot. The exFAT format is recommended if the Flash drive is normally used. The benefits have been discussed before.

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